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Pixel Flo

Tracking Solution

Pixel Flo is a plug-and-play solution for Meta CAPI and TikTok Events API.

Simple to set up, and easy to use, Pixel Flo improves paid media effectiveness. Pixel Flo is installed as a single Google Tag Manager tag, and eliminates the need for managing multiple Meta and TikTok tags. Right out of the box, Pixel Flo can work with your existing Google Analytics Data Layer and ecommerce events.

In most cases, Pixel Flo requires no additional set up, only one tag and one trigger to provide comprehensive pixel and server-side tracking.

Pixel Flo is built with marketing performance in mind, and optimised for first-party data collection for advanced matching. Pixel Flo meets all Meta’s best practices for event coverage and event deduplication, and in most cases it can work with your existing data layer, requiring no complicated setup or expensive developer resource. Pixel Flo is capable of achieving excellent audience match scores and can be improved even further when used in conjunction with Consent Flo. Pixel Flo is on average 70% cheaper to run than Server-Side Google Tag Manager, and does not require any additional software or infrastructure than your existing Google Tag Manager account.

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