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Consent Flo

Consent Management

Consent Flo is an easy-to-use Consent Management Platform (CMP) optimised for Google Consent Mode. 

Consent Flo is installed as a Google Tag Manager tag and provides a multi-category cookie consent banner, with simple customisation. 

Once user consent is received, Consent Flo tailors the triggering conditions of all tags in line with user preferences and Google Consent Mode.

Farlo Consent Flo processes millions of consent receipts every month, maintaining a persistent history of users’ previous and current permission preferences. Consent Flo is optimised for technical marketing performance, and has an average consent rate of over 90%, ensuring that you have the best possible measurement coverage. Consent Flo permits cross-domain consent storage, and when used in conjunction with Pixel Flo, serves to improve overall audience match rate.

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